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- CoolioBeat 2 - - CoolioBeat 2 -

Rated 3 / 5 stars

has potential

Great concept, but the option to change the quality should be available. Not everybody has a fast computer.

3DTris 3DTris

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dude, this has got to be THE best Tetris adaption I've ever seen. Obviously, it could use a little bit of work, but the concept is there, and its a good one.

Popup Stopper (V .9) Popup Stopper (V .9)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Just like surfing the net!

DragRacer v2 DragRacer v2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I just have to say that this game is awesome. Here's my game (I didn't cheat, I just spent the last two hours playing)
HS7H4>2'HS6H4>2'HS5H4>2'HS4H4>2'HS3H4>2'HS2H4>2'V44H4>1'V43 H4>1'V42H4>1'V41H4>1'V3:H4>1'V39H4>1'V38H4>1'V37H4>1'V36H4>1 'V35H4>1'V34H4>1'V33H4>1'V32H4>1'V31H4>1'V2:H4>1'V29H4>1'V28 H4>1'V27H4>1'V26H4>1'V25H4>1'V24H4>1'V23H4>1'V22H4>1'V21H4>1 'V:H4>1'V9H4>1'V8H4>1'V7H4>1'V6H4>1'V5H4>1'V4H4>1'V3H4>1'V2H 4>1'V1H4>1'IO4>2'JO4>2'EO4>2'GB4>1'FY4>NVGGMFS&6G3'OT4>2'QO4 >2'SI4>1'XT4>21'XO4>1'OCC4>&3E326'OHC4>&3E326'OSC4>&3E326'BC C4>&3E211'BHC4>&3E211'BSC4>&3E211'LCC4>1'LHC4>1'LSC4>1'SCC4> &3E211'SHC4>&3E211'SSC4>&3E211'GCC4>1'GHC4>1'GSC4>1'MJ4>TBMF FO&6GMJHIU&6G2'CL4>CMBOL'TL4>CMBOL'GL4>CMBOL'XH4>2'XI4>XIFFM &6G2'XU4>2361'GS4>:'DM4>2'UR4>636'IQ4>65:'DO4>TBMFFO'HS7H3>2 'HS6H3>2'HS5H3>2'HS4H3>2'HS3H3>2'HS2H3>2'V44H3>1'V43H3>1'V42 H3>1'V41H3>1'V3:H3>1'V39H3>1'V38H3>2'V37H3>1'V36H3>2'V35H3>2 'V34H3>2'V33H3>2'V32H3>2'V31H3>2'V2:H3>2'V29H3>2'V28H3>2'V27 H3>2'V26H3>2'V25H3>2'V24H3>1'V23H3>2'V22H3>2'V21H3>2'V:H3>2' V9H3>2'V8H3>2'V7H3>2'V6H3>2'V5H3>2'V4H3>2'V3H3>2'V2H3>2'V1H3 >2'IO3>2'JO3>5'EO3>24'GB3>1&3F2'FY3>NVGGMFS&6G3'OT3>5'QO3>2' SI3>&3E9'XT3>7'XO3>61'OCC3>&3E43'OHC3>&3E298'OSC3>&3E232'BCC 3>&3E366'BHC3>&3E366'BSC3>1'LCC3>&3E286'LHC3>&3E286'LSC3>&3E 286'SCC3>&3E366'SHC3>1'SSC3>1'GCC3>&3E239'GHC3>&3E239'GSC3>& 3E239'MJ3>DSY&6GMJHIU&6G2'CL3>DSY&6GCLJU&6G2'TL3>DSY&6GTLJU& 6G1'GL3>DSY&6GGLJU&6G2'XH3>9'XI3>XIFFM&6G4'XU3>458'GS3>2'DM3 >6'UR3>911'IQ3>2211'DO3>DSY'HS7H2>2'HS6H2>2'HS5H2>2'HS4H2>2' HS3H2>2'HS2H2>2'V44H2>1'V43H2>1'V42H2>1'V41H2>1'V3:H2>1'V39H 2>1'V38H2>2'V37H2>1'V36H2>2'V35H2>2'V34H2>2'V33H2>2'V32H2>2' V31H2>2'V2:H2>2'V29H2>2'V28H2>2'V27H2>2'V26H2>2'V25H2>2'V24H 2>1'V23H2>2'V22H2>2'V21H2>2'V:H2>2'V9H2>2'V8H2>2'V7H2>2'V6H2 >2'V5H2>2'V4H2>2'V3H2>2'V2H2>2'V1H2>2'IO2>2'JO2>5'EO2>24'GB2 >1&3F2'FY2>NVGGMFS&6G3'OT2>5'QO2>2'SI2>&3E9'XT2>7'XO2>61'OCC 2>&3E43'OHC2>&3E298'OSC2>&3E232'BCC2>&3E366'BHC2>&3E366'BSC2 >1'LCC2>&3E286'LHC2>&3E286'LSC2>&3E286'SCC2>&3E366'SHC2>1'SS C2>1'GCC2>&3E239'GHC2>&3E239'GSC2>&3E239'MJ2>DSY&6GMJHIU&6G2 'CL2>DSY&6GCLJU&6G2'TL2>DSY&6GTLJU&6G1'GL2>DSY&6GGLJU&6G2'XH 2>9'XI2>XIFFM&6G4'XU2>458'GS2>2'DM2>6'UR2>911'IQ2>2211'DO2>D SY'HS7H>2'HS6H>2'HS5H>2'HS4H>2'HS3H>2'HS2H>2'V44H>1'V43H>1'V 42H>1'V41H>1'V3:H>1'V39H>1'V38H>2'V37H>1'V36H>2'V35H>2'V34H> 2'V33H>2'V32H>2'V31H>2'V2:H>2'V29H>2'V28H>2'V27H>2'V26H>2'V2 5H>2'V24H>1'V23H>2'V22H>2'V21H>2'V:H>2'V9H>2'V8H>2'V7H>2'V6H >2'V5H>2'V4H>2'V3H>2'V2H>2'V1H>2'IO>2'JO>&3E8'EO>5'GB>1&3F5' FY>NVGGMFS&6G3'OT>5'SI>&3E3'XT>23'XO>261'OCC>&3E43'OHC>&3E29 8'OSC>&3E232'BCC>&3E366'BHC>&3E366'BSC>1'LCC>1'LHC>1'LSC>1'S CC>&3E239'SHC>&3E239'SSC>&3E239'GCC>&3E366'GHC>1'GSC>1'MJ>GF SSBSJ&6GMJHIU&6G2'CL>CMBOL'TL>CMBOL'GL>CMBOL'XH>2'XI>XIFFM&6 G28'XU>211'GS>4'DM>6'UR>911'IQ>2211'DO>GFSSBSJ'MWM>76'QO>2'Q D>2:5361'

::gunny bunny:: ::gunny bunny::

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Could be better

GRAPHICS: Well, to say the least, the graphics are fucking awesome. I've never seen anyone pull off 3D rendering in flash this well.

SOUND: The sounds match the gameplay pretty good.

INTERACTIVITY: Gameplay is rather difficult being that there is no crosshair to determine your line of sight. Implement a crosshair and you'll be good to go. Also, stats and features on guns would be helpful (ie..a bullet/clip count, and dynamic damage depending on range of shot and type of weapon used...a shotgun could take out a wide spray, and a pistol fired from long range would do virtually nothing.

STYLE: I've never really seen a game in this style, but without a story line, its not as good as it has potential to be.

VIOLENCE: Not a whole lot of blood and gore sort of violence, but lots of explosions. Explosions are good.

HUMOR: The concept of a renegade rabbit (Gunny Bunny) running amok with high-powered artillery is a humorous one. Perhaps writing a story line in a stle similar to that of "Conkers: Bad Fur Day" (for the N64) would add to the humor.

OVERALL: The idea is great. Add a crosshair, a story line, and a more in-depth detail as to how things work (stats on the guns and the like) and we'll be cooking with gas.

Defend Your Castle (Full) Defend Your Castle (Full)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best game EVER.

Well, I'm on level 33 right now (I obviously have no life), and I'm continuing my onslaught against the stick people. 4,000,000 points overall. Wow I need a life.

gta gta

Rated 2 / 5 stars

You get a four because I like RBF

Well...not much to say. You might make a decent programmer...get yourself an artist and some good ideas and come back later.

you pick portal music v.1 you pick portal music v.1

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Number 4 should be the one. Should combine 3 and 4 somehow. That'd be pretty cool. Or better yet, have a selection of loops to play while you're there.

SNAKE - a new generation SNAKE - a new generation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good job

I can see you put a lot of work into this game. This brought back a lot of memories. (The old dos version ran MUCH slower though) I like the graphics. The way the blocks slide to the bottom when you lose, the way the explode when they hit the bottom, etc. This is pretty good, the only thing it needs is some sound.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good but hard

Everything in this movie was great. Although it was difficult, it was entertaining. I don't completely understand the health meter though.